Explore the Colorado National Monument

Preserving one of the most regal landscapes in the west, the Colorado National Monument is a short drive from Grande River hotel and a must-see for anyone traveling in this region. Surrounded by sky-high monoliths and featuring stunning canyons and plateaus, it’s a true natural wonder. Discover the other-worldly red rock canyons and the twists of Rim Rock Drive. You might spot eagles, bighorn sheep, and other animals native to this part of Colorado.

Long featured in nature and geographic magazines, the Colorado National Monument is aptly dubbed “The Heart of the World.” Take a drive on Historic Rim Rock Drive, tackle one of the 40 local hiking trails, or camp at Saddlehorn Campground and sleep beneath the stars. Kids can become a Jr. Ranger in one of the national park ranger programs, and don’t forget to stop by the Saddlehorn Visitor Center for souvenirs.

Breathtaking Views

Many cyclists head to the Colorado National Monument for a once in a lifetime ride. Rock climbing, photography, and picnics are also popular. There are also many special events held year-round, and planning your trip around a guided tour or stargazing event is a wise move. Accessibility is also important to the rangers, and there are constantly new efforts being made to allow everyone to enjoy the view.

Colorado is renowned for having some of the most incredible vistas in the world. Don’t miss out on the Colorado National Monument in between enjoying your heated swimming pool and the land of 300 lakes.