Gold Panning

gold panningEmbark on a fun experience and come back rich! Gold panning in Grand Junction is a great time that you won’t forget. It is the perfect activity for the family, allowing the kids to both learn and have fun at the same time. Gold panning in Grand Junction is an inexpensive activity that can keep you busy for hours. We must warn you, it can be come addictive and it is hard to stop looking for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Gold panning is allowed on BLM managed land. All you need is your pan and you can head out for an exciting day looking for gold. Pans can be purchased at Walmart or any where nearby as gold panning is a popular hobby around the area. Gunnison River and Colorado River have been hot spots for gold prospectors and may be a good spot to check out.

For more information about gold panning on BLM land, be sure to check out the BLM website. You can also find maps and other helpful information on their website. We look forward to seeing you and allowing you to relax after a hard day of striking it rich. Make us your Grand Junction hotel and recharge your battery for the next adventure awaiting you.