Tips for Traveling with Pets

tips for traveling with petsIt is hard to have a family getaway without the whole family. That is why we welcome all members of your family, even the furriest family members! Best Western Grand River is a pet friendly hotel. We know it is hard to leave your pets at home so we encourage you to bring them with you. While we love to see your four legged friends, it can be challenging sometimes to travel with a pet so we have a few tips for traveling with pets for you.

  1. Be sure that your pets have plenty of water and always plan a stop for them to relieve themselves. It can be hard to wait so long for a restroom break, your pets feel the same way so be mindful of their needs as well!
  2. If flying, be sure to check with airlines on their pet policy and vaccinations. When in doubt, always carry vaccination records with you. It pays to play it safe.
  3. Pets tend to like the wind blowing through their hair on a car ride but what they don’t know is that hanging their head out the window can be dangerous. Keep your pets inside your car at all times and protect them from flying debris.
  4. If using a carrier or crate, be sure that it is well ventilated so Fido can get fresh air.
  5. Grand Junction is a pretty spectacular place and you never know if your little friend plans on checking out the area without out. Always have your contact information on your pets either by microchip or on a collar.

We look forward to having you visit with us and hosting your best friends as well. We hope you keep these tips for traveling with a pet in mind and make it a fun getaway for all parties involved!